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Our Services


Our team will offer an initial Evaluations and Recommendations consultation. This important first step will help us
determine the status of your current recognition investments, as well as the morale and engagement level of your employees..

Next, we'll look at some customized training to make sure that your supervisors and employees are educated, engaged and excited about what’s available for their extra efforts, as well as how all of your measurable initiatives work to help their company. This team-based approach will assure you that your programs are providing the results you expect – and we’ll prove it!

Then, we’ll work with your management team to develop an Umbrella Recognition Solution with a robust technology platform. This comprehensive approach will help you to optimize costs, track results, utilize a variety of personalized reports to easily monitor your overall returns and make them easy to share – now that’ll make the CFO smile!

Schaefer Recognition Group will implement a broad, creative array of interconnected programs (many are propriety ideas that we’ve developed for special client applications). We’ll make sure that everyone is on board, things are rolled out in the right sequence, confirm that the results meet your expectations.  Our support team will work with you as an ongoing partner to keep the program growing with you as you optimize your most important asset – People!

Below is a comprehensive list of our services:

Service Awards
Safety Programs
Performance Improvement
Sales Awards
Retirement Programs
Jewelry and Rings
Proprietary Awards
Incentive Travel
Custom Plaques
Peer to Peer
Manager to Peer
Historical Art Montage
Employee of the Month
Employee of the Quarter
Spot Awards
Holiday Gifts


Employee retention tips from

1. Be honest and straight-forward in all employee communications .
2. Earn their respect first, then incent them with performance improvement opportunities.
3. Be genuinely enthusiastic; it will be mirrored in your employees and come back in profits.

We hope these employee retention tips bring your continued success.

Employee Recognition Programs

In today’s tight economy employee recognition programs are one of the most cost effective ways of improving competitiveness. With the broad demographics in the workforce, it’s important to understand how employee recognition programs engage employee’s emotional needs. Properly engaged employees will more likely bring increased discretionary effort to their work.

Developing Employee Training Programs

Any manager that wants to really understand what makes their employees perform at their best should get involved in developing an employee recognition program. The process of developing an employee recognition program helps you see what motivates people and how they want to be appreciated for going the extra mile.

Employee Retention Plans

During a time when money for salaries is tight, employee retention plans are an inexpensive way of growing workplace productivity. Employee retention plans can save money and grow profits effectively. The beauty of employee retention plans is that they engage people emotionally, rather than manipulating them with carrots and sticks.

Employee Retention Survey Consulting

Organizations that utilize employee retention survey consulting are on the leading edge of getting the most out of their investment in people. Employee retention survey consulting is a growing talent that allows management and employees to improve communications, reduce distractions and allow the company to optimize their effectiveness and productivity.