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“John Schaefer absolutely nails the corporate environment and offers sage advice on dealing with people above and below any salary grade.  While reading The Vocational Shrink I had the eerie feeling Schaefer had been following me around for the last 25 years taking notes. This is a great read for everyone in a business where people interaction can add to (detract from) a desired result.”

Steve Ladd, CLU, LUTCF
Farmers Insurance Group


“I have worked with John Schaefer for almost 20 years on highly personalized recognition programs for some of my largest corporate clients.  Having partnered with many vendors over the years, I can say without question that John one of the most creative, thorough, and professional people I have ever met. 
When I saw his new book, The Vocational Shrink, my first thought was -- who better to bring this message of communication, recognition, appreciation and growth to corporate America.  John has a natural empathy and understanding for the employee that is genuine and
I am thrilled to be able to recommend his Book, Game and Seminar to any company that truly cares about their workers and wants to enjoy all of the financial and emotional benefits available through a better, more cooperative environment between employees and their supervisors."

Mariliyn Spooner
Rockwell International


"This insightful book shows you how to get the most out of yourself
and your colleagues in a fast-moving, competitive business world."

Brian Tracy – Author, The Psychology of Selling

"How do you end the unspoken war between employers and employees? This Book, Game and Seminar is the way to get them started on the same page, avoiding the costly misunderstanding and wasteful "water cooler" sessions so common in the American workplace.  This tool will save you a bundle of money, time, and frustration!"

Dr. Joe Vitale – Author of "The Attractor Factor" and way too many other books to list here

“All self improvement begins with Self-Awareness. Socrates told us ‘Know Thyself’ and now John Schaefer, shows us how. As America’s Employee Recognition Expert John walks you through an entertaining and insightful look at how you and others deal with the workplace. Then he shows you how to Free yourself from disillusionment. You are going to enjoy this book!”

Jim Cathcart – Author of The Acorn Principle.
Lake Sherwood, California


“If you are going to have a job, you might as well be good at it.  John Schaefer will help you succeed at dealing with the number one problem in the workplace – People!”

Scott Alexander – Author of Rhinoceros Success
(800) 872-3274


Where was this guy during my earlier career?  This illuminating view through your employee's eyes will certainly open yours AND you will be experiencing a substantial increase in income, bonuses and compensation!!!

Peggy McColl – Author of The 8 Proven
Secrets to SMART Success


John Schaefer is funny and on point and a God-Send for every Human Resources executive!  Get "The Expert" into your business, then stand aside as your employees beat a path to lowering your costs and improving your ROI!

Randy Gilbert – host of ""


"A must read. This book is an invaluable resource tool that will help each of us discover things about ourselves, our coworkers and the staff we supervise. The book is written in a straightforward, engaging style and full of "realistic" examples." 

Betty Doran, PHR
Director of Human Resources
Collins College
Tempe, AZ

If you want to quickly identify who's making money for your company and who's just "phoning in their performance" read this book. That is unless you're the one phoning it in!"

Ross Shafer