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We’ve met hundreds of corporate executives and they all claim to value their employees. Are they getting the message?

With a challenging economy, a changing workforce and new technology, the effectiveness of their current Recognition and Performance Improvement programs is often disappointing and they want to
know why.

Schaefer Recognition Group has taken on the challenge of addressing the declining impact of today’s recognition and incentive programs by developing an education-based approach that will not only get your supervisors to understand all forms of recognition, but to actually get enthusiastically behind your programs. We’ll teach them to see what’s in it for them, and the benefits of “Making it Real” so your employees believe you really mean it!

When that happens, you will begin to reap the rewards of Discretionary Effort – that extra effort and productivity you can’t buy, but can only earn through trust!



1. Evaluation and Recommendations
Most clients use a disjointed array of programs to recognize and reward their employees. Even if they’re working, it’s difficult to evaluate participation, effectiveness and cost. We’ll help you wrap your arms around all of your Award and Incentive initiatives, to optimize employee performance with a comprehensive Umbrella Recognition Solution.

2. Supervisor and Employee Training
One of the problems with multiple programs is the inability to educate supervisors and employees on how to use them all correctly and in the proper sequence.

We will provide three types of training to remedy this:

a) We’ll train employees and supervisors on your new program, so they understand the options to participate, what they can earn, and how each initiative impacts the company.

b) While knowing what to do is important, understanding what’s in it for them and choosing to become enthusiastically involved is even more essential. We’ll demonstrate how small changes in communication style will show that you truly care about your employees, as opposed to creating the impression that you’re just trying to manipulate their behavior by dangling carrots.

c) I wrote the book The Vocational Shrink–An Analysis of the Ten Levels of Workplace Disillusionment; then created a Game, to help employees become aware of the amount of time they subconsciously spend in the Ten Levels; and finally developed a Workshop entitled Why Should Supervisors Care (or what they’re really thinking) . . . What’s in it For Me? These tools will help employees identify negative habit patterns so they can modify behaviors that cause frustration, lead to wasted time and cost you a lot of money. Supervisors will learn and the benefits of well-planned, properly implemented recognition both for themselves and the company. Only then will they become genuinely enthusiastic about recognition, and their people will get excited too.

3. Measurement/Analysis
The most overlooked part of many recognition programs is the evaluation and improvement process. Over time, programs tend to become accepted forms of compensation, leading to an entitlement culture that minimizes results. Schaefer Recognition Group will monitor, evaluate, report and make recommendations that will help you keep your program fresh and relevant.

Employee Recognition Training

A strong employee training strategy serves two purposes. First, it tells people what ‘s important to the company and how they can be part of it. Second, it let’s employees and managers know that this is an avenue for them to grow and share in the success of your firm.

Employee Productivity Statistics

A company’s employee engagement can be greatly improved with a comprehensive recognition program. Included in the program are tools to track employee productivity statistics. The success of this program can only be proven by comparing results. The catalysts of improved employee productivity statistics can be proven with the help of Schaefer Recognition Group.

Employee Training Evaluation

A strong employee training evaluation serves two purposes. First, it tells you if the training you provide is understood and is in line with your goals. Second, it let’s employees and managers know that this is important to you. Employee training evaluations are the glue that holds your program together.

Improve Employee Morale

Successful companies have employees who take personal ownership in the work they do. Every company can benefit if they improve employee morale. It is critical for every employee to feel that their work and their decisions are impacting the overall success of the company and improved morale is a key.

Employee Motivation and Retention

Increasing employee motivation and retention will reduce expenses and increase productivity and profits. Companies can save millions of dollars by investing in creative ideas that can keep their people happily employed. Implementing creative job duties, interesting work activities, incentive programs, stock options, etc. can all increase employee motivation and retention.

Employee Training Development

The best employee recognition training includes all of the ways that your staff can share in the company’s success by improving behaviors that lead to improved revenues or cost savings. Employee recognition training must first engage the complete management team to both understand and get enthusiastically behind the company’s mission.


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