Confused About the Best Ways to Engage Your Employees?

Discover how to optimize your most valuable resource – people!

Employee Engagement, Retention, Productivity and Performance Management continue to be the best areas to save money and improve the morale of the workplace. An effective Recognition Strategy can help you to assess employee engagement, determine the best ways to improve performance, and most importantly, to get supervisors and managers excited about using recognition and incentive solutions to improve employee attendance, safety, training completion, teamwork and creativity.

When done properly, your recognition program can generate measurable and sustainable ROI.


John Schaefer is an Exclusive Representative of Incentive Services. He has  over 25 years of experience helping organizations get the most from their investments in people.

When engaged supervisors convince your employees that they truly care, and genuinely mean it, your firm begins to see significant results. The goal is to help you and your leadership “Make it Real!” 

After graduating from Arizona State University with an Industrial Engineering degree in 1980, John worked for a large manufacturing firm, then a small family business before beginning his career as an Employee Recognition Consultant. 

John has written the book – Get More Productivity for Less Money . . . Your Employees will Love You for It! He has also developed a manager training program – “Why Should Supervisors Care? Getting to the bottom of what they’re really thinking, What’s in it For Me?”  and written articles that have appeared in over 50 trade magazines including Incentive, Corporate & Incentive Travel, Leadership Excellence, SuperVision, The American Salesman, Advertising Specialty Institute, and more.


I’ve met hundreds of corporate executives and they all claim to value their employees.
Are they getting the message?

With a challenging economy, a changing workforce and new technology, the effectiveness of their current Recognition and Performance Improvement programs is often disappointing and they want to know why.

The Incentive Services team has taken on the challenge of addressing the declining impact of today’s recognition and incentive programs by developing an education-based approach that will not only get your supervisors to understand all forms of recognition, but to actually get enthusiastically behind your programs. We’ll teach them to see what’s in it for them, and the benefits of “Making it Real” so your employees believe you really mean it!

When that happens, you will begin to reap the rewards of Discretionary Effort … that extra effort and productivity you can’t buy, but can only earn through trust!

We take an Integrated Approach using the Four Pillars of Recognition:

Foundational Service Awards
Foundational Service Award Programs lay the groundwork for a comprehensive strategy. Best practices include a “hire to retire” approach, providing the opportunity to create meaningful moments throughout the length of an employee’s career with your organization.

Automated Recognition
Create an environment of celebration and appreciation with Automated Recognitions. Commemorate newly hired employees, annual service anniversaries, birthdays, holiday, employee appreciation days, and other occasions with an efficient automated recognition system.

Discretionary Recognition
Discretionary Recognition initiatives provide your employees with tools to promote appreciation and encouragement through touchpoint programs like eCards, Peer to Peer & Social Recognition, Nomination, Manager Recognition, Spot Recognition, and Above & Beyond Behavior Recognition.

Performance-Based Recognition
Utilize recognition that aligns with your unique business goals. Recognize performance standards like Sales, Productivity, Customer Satisfaction, Wellness, Community Involvement and Departmental Goals to contribute to the satisfaction of your employees, and the success of your organization.

The 4 Cornerstones of Effective Programs are used in the development of every client program:

to connect employees to your mission, vision and values.

to educate your managers on what is expected of them to help create a culture of recognition and improve the presentation skills of your managers.

Reinforcement & Rewards…
that motivate and engage your employees.

Measurements & Analysis…
of recognition activity, presentations, reward selections and leader/manager engagement in the recognition process.


Below is a comprehensive list of our services:

Service Awards
Safety Programs
Performance Improvement
Spot Awards
Sales Awards
Customer Loyalty Programs
Retirement Programs

Healthcare Specific Programs
Incentive Travel
Custom Plaques
Peer to Peer
Manager to Peer

Custom Historical Art Montage
Proprietary Awards
Employee of the Month
Employee of the Quarter
Employee of the Year
Jewelry and Rings
Holiday Gifts

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Your people have the capacity and desire to become far more involved  and productive than they are today. For more information and to see  a brief PowerPoint presentation on our program, call or email me personally.