Boosting you sales team’s motivation and performance is essential for success. Our technology and strong support team can help you build an exciting, engaging and empowering sales awards program that recognizes top performers, inspires healthy competition and drives sales growth year to year. By including rewards for various attributes, such as Quick Start, Product Balance, Overall Volume and Strong Finish, you are able to engage the broadest possible number of your sales associates. This strategy allows for more winners as the rewards factor in different sales strengths, personalities and communication styles.

By tying Sales Awards to your other recognition, employee engagement and performance management programs, you get the added benefit of Progressive Equity, where a sales employee can add their sales award value to points they’ve earned from other programs over their career.

Another very unique and personal Sales Award idea can be see at We can create a custom, historical montage telling the story of your organization, or the montage can be more of a snap shot of a specific division, product line or promotion. Then our artists seamlessly blend the portrait of a sales person into the story in such a way that they appear to be an integral part of the story making the powerful statement – “. . . without you, our story’s just not complete!”