Service Awards are unique in the mix of recognition, employee engagement and performance management initiatives in that they are not earned . . . they are lived. A properly presented Service Award acknowledges the dedication and loyalty of an employee, but without focusing on their measurable performance. That’s why we call Service Awards Foundation to any integrated program.

These awards celebrate the milestones achieved by your team, reinforcing their sense of belonging within your organization. When done right, as part of a recognition strategy with an average of 8 to 12 meaningful touchpoints per year, they are the first step in building trust and engaging people emotionally in your mission, vision and values as an organization.

A good Service Awards program allows your managers to show their people that they care about them as human beings first and workers second, leading to a team that likes and trusts you. That approach is proven to set the stage for Automated, Discretionary and Performance-based recognition and incentives to be well received and most effective.