Are your employees receiving the consistency, connection, and recognition they deserve?

Research finds that employees who receive consistent connection and recognition are more engaged, motivated, and likely to remain with your organization.

Yet, in many organizations, employees find themselves falling under the radar – experiencing inconsistency in employee treatment or even feeling ignored. Managers may fail to communicate organizational changes, recognize individual successes, or may simply be inconsistent in setting aside time to connect with their employees. Because of these experiences, there could be a misconception that their boss is incapable, biased, or disinterested.

This is rarely true, the majority of managers want to do everything they can to encourage an engaged and high-performing workforce. The reality is that many managers are just too busy to dedicate the appropriate time to
consistent employee connection and recognition. Managers are often expected to juggle multiple responsibilities under short timelines and employees interactions may take a back seat to demanding organizational priorities.

These overloaded managers may lack adequate resources to juggle multiple competing priorities. Studies have shown that managers with heavier workloads will prioritize the completion of tasks focused on supporting organizational functionality over connection with employees. But are these overworked managers being supported and encouraged to prioritize employee connection?

Organizations that identify employee connection and recognition as core leadership tasks are more likely to experience manager participation. By encouraging managers to schedule time to evaluate employee ontributions, recognize achievements, and listen to concerns, you communicate that it is okay to devote more time to their employees.

Further, organizations that not only support employee connection, but reward managers for making time for their employees, will realize the best results. Managers respond to recognition as much as anyone – by rewarding
managerial efforts towards employee connection and recognition, your organization will realize more motivated managers and employees as a result – a recipe for organizational success.

Has your organization put processes and systems in place that make it easy for managers to recognize and connect with employees?

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