By John Schaefer – America’s Employee Recognition Expert

Arizona Republic reporter Russ Wiles presented this interested observation last week and I immediately saw a parallel with the Recognition and Incentive industry. Wiles’ theory is that the big players have a giant target on their back and nobody in their industry is rooting for them to succeed. As a matter of fact, if you look at GM, Bank of America, Toyota and BP, it seems like onlookers are almost celebrating their challenges.

In the recognition and incentive industry, we are seeing a similar situation; and it’s not really new. The biggest vendors, the ones with the big name clients and impressive market share, are experiencing tough going during this down economy. Customers are tightening their belts and when they see the gigantic office campuses, corporate jets and monstrous trade show displays, many wonder if they are getting as good a value on their programs as they deserve.

Schaefer Recognition Groups and our clients are benefiting from this opportunity. As a smaller, more nimble and far more flexible alternative, we are seeing many more potential opportunities to help new partners save considerable money – often as much as 50%; get far better results and enjoy the tools to prove it to their CFO. Our training-based approach is making more sense than reputations and physical clout to many companies.

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