Who’s looking forward to 2022? We are! As Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “keep moving forward.” While many organizations are focused on messages of optimism and “moving forward,” employee retention is still a major concern. The last two years have impacted virtually every company when it comes to retaining employees. According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), four million Americans quit their jobs in July 2021 – and that’s just one month!

Recognition is a powerful tool for strengthening engagement and helping people to feel motivated and appreciated so that they stay with your organization. Here are some ways to rethink your recognition strategy for 2022 to drive the engagement your teams want and the commitment that your organization needs.

Modernize your recognition strategy.

Recognition, like a simple black dress, will never go out of style. However, sometimes it needs a refresh. What worked five years ago, (even 18 months ago!) may not be applicable today based on your changing employee demographics. Start a dialogue with employees or survey your teams to find out what is important to them.

Make it easy to manage multiple recognition initiatives with a single hub.

Technology has evolved and it’s now simple and efficient to host multiple initiatives and programs on one platform. Whether you start with a single program or multiple initiatives, you can design your strategy around your organization’s strategic goals to support all current initiatives.

Brand your recognition strategy.

We are big believers in making a big deal of branding your program, amplifying and promoting it, and creating awareness, buzz, and action through frequent communications! These are equally as important as the recognition itself. Your program is no good to anyone in your organization if no one knows about it, if no one understands it, or if no one is excited about participating in it. 

Make recognition a regular pillar of your values.

Infuse recognition into your team’s daily routine. Your culture will thrive. This represents who you are and what you are to your employees. Recognition can work top down, bottom up and peer-to-peer. The more people get used to giving and receiving, the more your culture can move toward one of cheerful participation where your company fans exponentially grow.

Why is an effective recognition strategy so important for employee engagement?


Receiving regular praise and recognition is a key factor in reducing employee burnout and reinforcing wellbeing.


According to Deloitte’s Talent 2020 Survey, recognition is among the top three most effective non-financial methods of retention.

Workplace Rituals:

Creating common workplace recognition rituals helps:

• Improve quality and productivity

• Reduce absenteeism

• Improve employees’ mental health

• Improve employee retention

To learn more about how to develop a comprehensive, integrated Hire to Retire strategy for recognition, employee engagement and performance management shoot me an email or give me a call.

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